HAM Radio Nonsens


…. LOGGED: 12 May 2Ø1Ø Ø1:2Ø:4Øz QSO # 5735 BTU W8… DE CM3… SK SK

Why are so many stations sending date, time and number of the QSO? This information is absolutaly worthless for others. Your QSO partner knows, what date and time it is and he doesn’t need the number of your QSO.

Please do never send date, time and QSO number in PSK! Nobody does’it in SSB or CW QSOs.



S51…    21 262,7         TZ9A       Pse 30m, only 10 min
EC7…    24 930,0        EA6DB    es posible RTTY en esta banda
R2L…    18 077,0        LX1CW    PSE QSO Here & 12 Mtrs Need LoTW
PF7…    10 100,0        3XY1T     need rtty and cw pse
F6B…    21 250,0        A25UK    I want SSB on 15 ! I want…

… oh yes, I want, I want… There are some guys thinking a DX-Cluster is a christmas wish list.

EA7…    14 247,0        HF0B    south shetland ok L/P

What a nice dreamer.
HF0B came in with 59+20dB in Europe and was a special callsign in Poland. Other hams spotted Poland, but EA7…  respotted 3 times the same nonsens, long path to South Shetland.


If your receiver is deaf or your antenna working like a dummy load use the new ham earphones.



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